For the third time in less than a week, Jon Keeling (a.k.a. M.C. Kasichsauce) tries to put lipstick that is the GOP pig of sacrificing a pretty safe Auditor’s seat simply to have Taylor run as a way to boost Kasich’s ticket with the Tea Bag crowd.

Keeling disingenuously says that putting Taylor on the ticket isn’t about shaking up the race or shoring up the base.  That’s utter nonsense.  Otherwise, why  else would Kasich be going to the only non-judicial statewide Republican who won in Ohio in 2006?

I love how Keeling writes as if the issue is whether Kasich will pick Taylor rather than whether Taylor would be dumb enough to agree to run on a Kasich’s ticket.  As I pointed out over the weekend, it’s pretty damn clear that Kasich has been pushing Taylor to be his running mate for awhile now.  (I also love how Keeling says he’s betting that Taylor is the pick as if his bet isn’t based entirely on his inside information.)

Back in September, Kasich even acknowledged that Taylor needed to stay in the Auditor’s race for the good of the party:

Kasich?s lively speech also called for the re-election for Auditor of State Mary Taylor: ?Thank God we?ve got a woman there and we?re gonna keep her there as long as she wants to stay.?

Now, it’s please, Mary I need you on my ticket… I’m publicly begging you.  It’s so transparent, it’s pathetic.

In fact, back in August, the idea of moving Mandel into the Auditor’s race was based on the false narrative that Pepper’s fundraising is poor for reasons wholly unrelated to the fact that most people think he will have a hard time beating Taylor.  If she’s not the candidate, then you can even ignore the next fundraising report due at the end of this month because the second that becomes news Pepper will start hauling all sorts of cash once his race becomes an open seat race.

In what was a tough call due to the tight competition, here’s the most absurd thing Keeling says about putting the Auditor’s seat at risk:

So, if Kasich & Husted win, no matter what happens to the Auditor’s seat, Republicans win the apportionment board. Sure, 4-1 is better than 3-2, but a majority is a majority.

And right now I don’t think any serious pol from either side would bet against both Kasich and Husted winning in November.

Um, actually, with Taylor as Auditor, Husted as Secretary of State, they’d still have the Apportionment Board even if Kasich loses.  And despite the recent poll data, most pundits still predict that Strickland is going to be re-elected. (Cook Political Report still considers the seat as Leaning Democratic, Rothenberg lists it as a tossup as does CQ.  In fact, there’s not a single pundit that has actually predicted that Kasich is more likely than not going to win.  There’s no doubt that Strickland has a fight on his hands due to the economy, but there’s NOBODY saying that Kasich is a sure bet to win.)  Regardless, I think pundits on both sides of the aisle would readily admit that Taylor was the most likely to win her race if she ran for re-election, with Husted as second most likely, and Kasich at third.  That’s why moving Taylor out of the Auditor’s race is great news for the Ohio Democratic Party.  Thank you, John Kasich for giving the Democrats a chance to win the Apportionment Board despite the hostile political environment.

Look, Jon, we all know that Kasich has been pushing for this ticket for awhile now and you guys have decided to go public with your campaign to draft Taylor, but stop pretending that this is a no-brainer.

If it were as glorious of an idea as you thought, then you wouldn’t have to sell Taylor and the GOP establishment on it.  The fact is that there hasn’t been one single elected Republican, one Ohio conservative blogger (other than the out-of-state Kasich blogger Keeling) or anyone in the ORP calling this a “capital” idea demonstrates what a bad idea it would be.  When the hacks aren’t even willing to publicly do what hacks do, it’s a disaster.

In fact, there is extreme anxiety over reforming the ticket simply because Kasich is hoping some of Mary Taylor’s magic will rub off on him.

For Taylor, it makes absolutely no sense to do it unless she’s an Ohio Democratic Party sleeper agent.  If that’s the case, my hat’s off to Chris Redfern.  Regardless, John Kasich’s desperate public courtship of Taylor is all the evidence I need to say that Kasich is worried that he can’t keep the GOP base behind him until November, and that Taylor, so far, is not sold on the ticket.

As much as I would love the political ramifications of a Kasich-Taylor ticket, I’m not going to get my hopes up.  We simply cannot be this lucky that Kasich would run a McCain-Palin 2.0 ticket in Ohio just two years after the first one flopped so spectacularly.

There’s actually more documented enthusiasm on the left on this and other left-wing political sites over the idea of a Kasich-Taylor ticket than there is on the utter silent right.  What does THAT tell you?