It doesn’t surprise me at all that Gene Pierce and Carlo Loparo’s revenge-seeking anti-slots group illegally used 12 felons to circulate petitions.

Hell, I don’t even know if it’s illegal to hire felons. I guess Jennifer Brunner doesn’t either since she referred the complaint to AG Cordray.

And honestly, I don’t even care.

I’m just saying: it doesn’t surprise me.

And it shouldn’t surprise Loparo, et al either. What else do you expect when you use Craig’s List as your recruiting tool?

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  • Shalom Joseph,

    I don't see the problem. Are you suggesting that felons — people who have paid their debt to society — are incapable of or unreliable in, collecting signatures? If that is the case, what ought to be criteria for obtaining a signature-collecting license?

    If we're not willing to execute or lock people way for the rest of their lives at taxpayer expense, then we need to provide opportunities for gainful employment, else we ought not to be shocked when they return to a life of crime.



  • Mike B.

    I totally agree that anyone should be allowed to circulate a petition and restricting felons from doing so does little good to protect the public or integrity of ballot initiatives.

    However, I was under the impression that this restriction was part of Ohio House Bill 3, the election reform package that was passed in 2006?

  • joe, there are plenty of angles to hit LetOhioVote from, this isn't one of them.

    as an ex-offender myself, I've looked into this very carefully, and no, it is not illegal for a felon to collect signatures for ballot measures, nor is it illegal for a felon to vote, unless the felon is still paying their sentence.

    what is wrong about this, as you should have pointed out, is that felons, no matter how minor their offense, are so beaten down in this society that the only job prospect remotely left for them to approach is a parasitic attempt to game the political system for yet another parasitic economic activity, gambling, by a power structure which at the same time will run on ever more punitive policy initiatives to further ostracize the very same people they are relying on to collect their signatures.

    that's how little hope is left for you if you ever make a single mistake in your life that ends up being trumped up by a local prosecutor into a felony, which every elected prosecutor in this state is incentivized to do, on every single crime that passes by their desk.

    this is the sort of Dickensian (yes, I used that word again) mutation of society that we've become at the hands of Republicanism. it's a perverse perpetuation of the reflexive punitive nature of a society that never forgives, despite professing a mantra of redemption and second chances. not one of the people in LetOhioVote will sign onto the central tenet of their professed savior and messiah, compassion and forgiveness, yet they are happy to use the people their vindictiveness targets in order to gain more power.

    i intend to make an issue of this in my campaign for county office in 2010. Cuyahoga County has an enormous population of ex-offenders, perhaps tens of thousands, whose lives are forever governed by this oppressive dynamic, which you reinforce with this post. it is wrong, and it should stop. i plan to campaign on an idea to stop this, which i'll be writing about soon.

    but in the meantime, i certainly hope you'll take another look and conclude to be part of a solution for this cancerous problem in our society.

  • Adrienne

    I am soo incredibly tired of hearing about how felons may or may not be employed legally. I would like to see some of our fair former felons like G. Gordon Liddy, or Scooter Libby not employed. However, if it is legal folks who have done their time should be able to make a legal living. Isn't this the biggest problem we have with criminal “justice” the revolving door that exists because people won't hire ex-offenders then they re-offend. Be happy that people want to work, make a living and stay out of jail.

  • I guess you missed the part where I said I don?t care.

    I don't. Really.

    This whole letohiovote endeavor has been a major clusterfuck from day one. Which should not be surprising since the motivation for the entire endeavor is revenge and nothing more.

    They can hire anyone they want. That isn't the point.

    The point is that they are so focused on revenge that they lose track of the basics.

    They spend what I assume to be an ungodly sum of money to hire Jones Day to argue multiple emergency motions in front of the State Supreme Court – but they can't pay a paralegal to do a few hours of research regarding state election law to come up with a better response to the felon signature collector allegations than ” we… uh… well… did our best to follow the law”?

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