Modern and I talked on the phone about this last night for almost an hour, and we agree. ?The notion that the Kasich campaign is floating a John Kasich/Mary Taylor ticket for Ohio governor must be making Chris Redfern apoplectic with glee. ?Fernsy, here’s one where you and I can kick back, raise a glass, and enjoy a moment of wondrous joy together. ?Miracles never cease.

This bizarre episode proves one thing, spectacularly – John Kasich is at least as weak a candidate as Ken Blackwell, probably weaker. ?Kasich is getting teabagged from the right, for a host of reasons, and his response is to publicly beg a teabagger-approved Sarah Palin incumbent running for re-election to an apportionment board seat to be his lieutenant governor.

Laughably pathetic. ?Not one voter will give two shits who is John Kasich’s running mate, except the Republican base. ?The LG spot’s only use is internal to the party – just ask Ted Strickland, who filled his LG spot with Northeast Ohio Jewish dude Lee Fisher to get Northeast Ohio Jewish dude Eric Fingerhut out of Ted’s own primary.

Rather than rehash Modern’s excellent analysis, if Modern’s scenario does play out, here’s how ODP would respond to such a ticket if I were chair. ?When Northeast Ohio Jewish dude Josh Mandel does move to Taylor’s auditor seat,?I’d have Ted Strickland move David Pepper from Auditor to LG. ?Then I’d ask Lee to perform precisely the same service he did in 2006 again – Lee Fisher should get out of the US Senate primary and run for Auditor. ?Apportionment board, CHECK – good bye, Josh Mandel.

Secretary of State? ?Jen Garrison, nice to know ya, you’re irrelevant. ?Husted can have the seat – no Democrat with a single iota of self-respect is going to vote for Jen Garrison anyway, so Husted, take the SOS spot, it’s all yours, we don’t need it, we’ll have two already. ?Jennifer Brunner, say hello to Rob Portman. ?You will kick his ass. ?You know why you’ll kick his ass?

Because John Kasich is a ticking time bomb about to implode, evidenced by his desperation in this LG tomfoolery, and that means Ted Strickland is going to win going away, the GOP ticket will melt, top to bottom. ?That puts another Democrat in the US Senate for Barack Obama, one the White House can rely on, making Joe Lieberman irrelevant.

Here’s to you, Fernsy!