Given that he very likely won’t even make it on the ballot, let alone be a real factor in the gubernatorial election, I should probably just ignore Green Party Gubernatorial candidate Dennis Spisak.  I mean, here’s a guy who hasn’t gotten even 5% of the vote in his most recent election.

But he’s blogging gold.  I can’t help myself.

And today’s post by Dennis at ProgressOhio is a prime example.  In today’s factless screed, Dennis claims with no support, that Governor Ted Strickland is preventing “blue-green collar” jobs from coming into Ohio. 

To “prove” his point he “recycles,” or plagiarizes, language he lifted from Repowering America’s website with no attribution.

He then ends his recycled talking points, which have nothing to do with his assertion that Strickland is actively blocking green collar jobs from coming into Ohio by repeating his premise as if it’s been proven, thus giving logic teachers everywhere in Ohio a textbook example of the fallacies of circular reasoning and non sequitur in order to complete the circle of life that is a Green Party candidate’s modus operandi of public discourse.

Except in all his cutting and pasting from Repowering America’s website, he forget to include the part that specifically talks about Ohio!:

Get the Facts!

Comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation can save Ohio households $810 a year by 2030.

  • According to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Ohio ranks 7th in the country in its availability of biomass stocks, which is enough to generate about 7.5% of Ohio?s projected electricity needs in 2020.
  • Ohio has a renewable portfolio standard (RPS) that requires all public utilities to generate 25% of their electricity from alternative energy resources by 2025, with 12.5% from renewable sources and at least 1% from solar.

In other words, Repowering America, the organization that Spisak uses to criticize Strickland, actually praises Strickland for instituting a renewable portfolio standard that will require 25% of electricity to be generated by alternative energy resources.  Half of that from renewable sources alone.

Strickland also has been promote the use of biofuels as an alternative to coal powered electrict plants, something Repower America also seems to be endorsing.

Ouch, an Internet faceplant like that has got to hurt, Dennis.

  • i've always loved that torpedo fail.

  • Dennis Spisak

    I’ll debate Ted Strickland, I don’t debate his little lap puppies, I mean dogs, like you, Brian……

  • Dennis Spisak

    “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” — Mahatma Gandhi


  • Dennis Spisak

    Got a real name? Easy to hide behind a fake name, isn't it?

  • Really Dennis? You are that stupid?

    (hint: click the “About” button!)

  • modernesquire

    Dennis, with all due respect sir, you are not Ghandi; you are a lying politician.

    But I'm glad to see you finally attribute your sources. 🙂

  • modernesquire

    Dennis, do you want to fight me or something? How non-pacificist of you…

    Name the time and place, and I'll debate you in person about Ted Strickland and how you've been lying about him. Heck, I'll even come to your party's state convention and do it. I'll wear a name badge and you can scream my name all you want. But the issue isn't my real name. The issue is that you recycle other people's work as your own in your misleading campaign against Ted Strickland that refuses to address the actual facts.

    Typical Green. Challenge their political narrative with actual facts and they seek to intimidate any such dissention. So I guess I better hope you don't get elected, Dennis. Sounds like your already trying to make an “enemies” list.

  • scottpullins

    It will be great when he, the libertarian dude, the constitution party kook, and the levitating party nominee get together for a debate.

  • mvirenicus

    just keep courting the 50% of the voting-age population who actually bother because the other 50% are fully aware that voting dem or gop is like trying to decide which pile of shit to dive into.

  • modernesquire

    Yes, you are so wise in your cyncism and willingness to do nothing but complain about everything.

  • mvirenicus

    i vote. i volunteer. i contribute money. won't be doing any of those things for dems in the future with the exception of dennis kucinich, and i haven't understood for a very long time why he remains in the democrat party. has made me think twice about doing anything for him on more than a few occasions.

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