This is astonishing.

Former McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt said Palin’s debate preparations were going so poorly that campaign aides feared the closely-watched debate could prove to be a “debacle of historic and epic proportions.”

What was most troubling, according to Schmidt, was the fact Palin repeatedly confounded Biden’s name during the preparation process, referring to the then-Delaware senator as Sen. O’Biden. Aides were so worried that such a mishap in the actual debate would prove catastrophic that they advised her to simply refer to her opponent as “Joe.”

“It was multiple people ? and I wasn’t one of them ? who all said at the same time, ‘Just say, Can I call you Joe,’ which she did,” Schmidt tells Cooper.

Palin herself addresses that moment in her memoir released late last year, “Going Rogue.”
“We had no idea my mic would already be hot when I walked onstage, crossed over to his turf, and said, ‘Can I call you Joe?’ The ‘expert’ post-debate analysis was that my question was a cleverly devised strategy to disarm my opponent. Yeah, right.”

Apparently all Democrats are Irish (at least in Palin’s noggin). Kennedy, O’Bama, O’Biden… That’s worse than Dubya!

  • Amber

    Okay – no one else had that problem? Am I the only Dem who said O'Biden by mistake?

    Wow <shiver> something I have in common with Palin, other than boobs.

  • Hanna Lane

    It was a totally charming and down to earth question. The jerks that made a big deal of it are just that. And how many of you have called him Obiden by accident? I know I have and NOBODY in the free world would mistake Huesein Barrack Obama's name for Irish.

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