Anastasia reports on her fundraising email from Dennis Kucinich, and missed the big news, emphasis mine.

?The Congressional Democratic Primary Election is May 4th, less than four months away,? they reminded their mailing list. ?You all remember the extraordinary effort which was made last time to try to unseat Congressman Kucinich. He was successful only because of the help of people such as you, who understand the value of having a fearless spokesperson for truth, economic equality, jobs for all, health care for all and peace in the United States Congress…..”

If Dennis Kucinich is still reminding his supporters that Joe Cimperman tried to primary him last cycle, Joe Cimperman has a real problem running for county executive. ?I suppose Joe thinks he can raise enough money from the downtown glitterati to run a scorched earth campaign against Ed Fitzgerald and whoever else runs, but wow. ?Dennis Kucinich is nursing that grudge, publicly, and that means his supporters are too, and that’s a lot of grassroots Democratic Party support that simply will not forgive Cimperman, not this soon after that primary.

And that downtown fundraising glitterati? ?They have despised Dennis for 30 solid years. ?I did some legal research for Dick Pogue right out of law school, and during the interview, when he saw that I had Dennis Kucinich on my resume, Dick Pogue’s veins popped out of his head. ?The interview devolved into me defending the fact that I worked for Dennis Kucinich in his primary against Mary Rose Oakar in 1988 as a campus coordinator intern at Cleveland State. ?I couldn’t believe it, but there was Dick Pogue, one of the most powerful men in Cleveland, blabbering on like a bully on a playground about something that happened decades ago, at a fresh law school graduate just trying to make a living. ?It almost cost me the job, but didn’t, so I thus became perhaps the only person on earth to work for both Dennis Kucinich and Dick Pogue.

These same vein poppers most certainly pushed Cimperman every single day in 2007-2008 to go as hard at Dennis as he did. ? That was real bad advice to follow. ?I certainly hope Cimperman is listening to other people this time.