Living in Tremont, you get a view of the steel mills, and the empty fields and dead plants that used to be steel mills. ?One mill remains, the ArcelorMittal plant. ?It has a checkered environmental record, but when it runs, it employs over 1,000 Clevelanders.

On May 11, 2009, the mill was shut down due to the economy, putting 912 steelworkers out of work. ?By summer, Cash for Clunkers had kicked in. ?By the end of September, 2009, the mill was back at full tilt, bringing back 930 steelworkers. ?As of the first week of 2010, the mill is still running.

Every day, and every night, I see the mill shooting flame into the sky above Tremont from my attic. ?It is a sight to behold. ?And it is everyday proof that the stimulus package worked.