Back in November when Bill Todd announced he was going to run for State Rep in the 20th District, Matt Naugle had an interesting take on the primary battle Todd was going to face against Matt Carle, Mike DeWine’s former campaign mananger:

“In this race, Carle is very much the Scozzafava-candidate, as he is pro-abortion and anti-gun. And in this environment, party bosses are no match for the conservative grassroots.”

It’s funny that Matt frames the race in terms of the NY-23 race in which Scozzafava was pushed out by her ultra-conservative opponents only to find this traditionally safe Republican seat won by a Democrat.

If that’s Matt’s idea of success – ultra-conservative candidates knocking out more electable but less-conservative Republicans and subsequently losing elections – then I sure hope he’s right. Because that is also MY idea of success.

Unfortunately, I just read that Mary Taylor, Ohio’s State Auditor and the only Republican to hold any major statewide office (excluding judges) right now, has endorsed Carle over Todd.

I guess Taylor didn’t get the memo from the conservative grass roots.