Wasn’t Kevin Coughlin going to run for Governor this year?

What ever happened to that?

I hope it wasn’t the sex scandal ‘rumors’.

If that’s the only reason you’re staying out of the race, Kevin, let me tell you: the sex scandal rumors flying around about John Kasich right now are ten times worse (from a Republican perspective) than the ones about you.

  • mvirenicus

    who? btw, i don't foresee strickland having a problem with re-election unless enough of us lefties peel off for a protest vote. i'm already committed to that path just because i'm the vindictive sort, but if the pragmatists want to turn their guns back in the proper direction, such as in this post, they might not alienate a critical mass.

  • athenian

    It seems you have a false premise here, Joe.

    He WAS running for governor. He just quit doing so.

    He dropped out of the Republican nomination race in the fall of 2009, probably due to his abysmal poll numbers against Kasich. Those rumors probably didn't help none, either.

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