Allright. ?I guess I have to be part of the Green Party pile on. ?I have a lot of friends in European Green Parties, they’re great people, and they actually manage to get into office, thanks largely to parliamentary style party list systems. ?And once in office, they play ball, because that’s what politics is about. ?Try that one on for size.

And by the way, Greens in Europe still have to reach some threshold of support to get a seat in a proportional legislature, usually in the range of 5%. ?That often will get a Green a seat in the national parliament, but sometimes more than one seat in local legislatures, where Green Party support is concentrated, and thus larger than 5%.

This is not the case in the United States. ?Greens in the US whine that it’s not their fault that they can’t get to 5%, or even one half of 1%. ?Well, fine, whatever. ?That doesn’t keep Greens from having a catastrophic affect on our country, which not one single Green Party member has ever taken responsibility for, not once.

And that Green Party contribution to America was the presidency of George W. Bush. ?But for Ralph Nader voters in Florida in 2000, the most calamitous presidency in my lifetime would never have happened. ?That is a proven, documented, unassailable fact. When the Green Party takes credit for George W. Bush, I’ll take the Green Party seriously. ?Until then, I’ll take the Monster Raving Looney Party more seriously than the US Green Party.

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