One of my favorite Monty Python skits ever takes on a new meaning when Al Qaeda is resorting to deployment of whiny rich kids who can’t even blow up their own testicles properly.

What I find most amusing about Al Qaeda’s finest is how familiar their journeys look. ?These were the guys in college who showed up on campus freshman year in the Jaguar mommy bought them for high school graduation, had their grandmas flown in on the Cessna for Parents Weekend, (because Granny flying commercial just isn’t done), refused to eat the cafeteria food, wouldn’t go to the football games because that many drunk people made them uncomfortable, kitted out their dorm rooms with obscenely expensive furniture, wintered in Palm Beach, summered in the Hamptons, took spring break on a private beach in the Caymans, and never EVER picked up the bar tab.

Because most of those guys were precisely as useless to society as the upper class twits in this Monty Python skit, they largely went on to become drug addicted, wife beating, yacht sailing, globe trotting exhibits of human wreckage. ?Looks like a few of them ended up in Al Qaeda, too.

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  • mvirenicus

    i shared a dorm room with one of these guys in the early 80s. he was from kuwait. didn't seem religious in any outward way, but was otherwise completely as you described. just a complete snot and basically worthless. probably explains why i cheered when iraq invaded kuwait all those years ago. lol

  • I went to a state school. My dorm room had 2 sets of bunk beds, a bean bag chair, a crappy black and white TV, a mini-fridge, a small trash can in the corner surrounded by garbage and pizza boxes and a sign on the dirty-ass bathroom door that said: no pubes on the soap.

    Wondering if my college experience would have been different if I'd had a rich roommate…

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  • hobartclassof84

    So true. Somebody should get these guys into coke and frat parties before they get dangerous ambitions.

  • digbydolben

    Such incredible venom!

    I have also known many, many “upper class twits.” All of the ones I've known were Republicans.

  • Kenny

    Because it's justice to wish someone's (even if someone's a dick) country get bombed?
    From that statement, your mentality is as twisted as theirs.

  • Pupster

    The reason many of these twits are Republicans is they are under the delusion that they are responsible for their own material “success”. God forbid that they should consider the plight of others in the form of social programs when low taxes for their inherited wealth just seems to make so much more sense! These same imbeciles usually are adherents to Ayn Rand's exceptionalism/objectivism 'philosophy' that they have money because they somehow deserve it. Of course, they also use that excuse to explain why no one seems to like them.

  • mvirenicus

    i could respond to this on many levels but i'll repeat my contention that the world would be a much better place minus the human race; so yeah, it shouldn't surprise that i would cheer the invasion of a country that was historically a part of the invading country.

  • Travis

    I'll agree with the sentiment that those who suffer this delusion that they are entirely responsible for their own success tend to be from the political right. However, this is a perversion of the ideological right which at least acknowledges (but makes no apologies for) unfairness. I disagree with that ideology, but at least I respect it as rising from nature's own survival-of-the-fittest creed. My hope is that the word “twit” is aptly applied to these people because it infers that they act in a self-defeating manner. The ideological left collectively hasn't got the nerve to stand up against it.

  • robertfromphila

    love it.

  • Norwegian

    It really freaks you out, doesnt it, that some of *their* twits would volunteer for war? It would be the equivalent of Dick Cheney and his friends actually volunteering for frontline service in the US. Now, thats so unthinkable, best heap ridicule on the bastards who actually have some courage..

  • sadly, somewhere in those demented brains they see this as their only shot at immortality…for such twits, i think celebrity might be almost as dangerous a drug as religious fundamentalism (although i'm sure they are abusing both.)

  • al queda?……or…..monty python? we report, you decide

  • Peace_Power

    I was into Ayn Rand when I was in college, and I have never been close to rich. I had the strange idea that my family was poor and my genius unrecognized because social programs gave all the goodies to losers at the expense of me and mine. Then I actually had to go to work in Rand's capitalist utopia, and then I knew better.

  • I don't always agree with mvirenicus, but I do respect his unapologetic hatred of the human race, his complete disbelief in any kind of higher power and his secret soft spot for kitty cats.

  • mvirenicus

    thanks, joseph. you're a swell guy too, but i didn't think the kitty cat thing was a secret. the real secret is my desire to see the entire non-human animal kingdom rise up and slaughter our miserable carcasses in the most hideous manner imaginable. hehe

  • Kenny

    Oh cool.
    That's some powerful conviction there, I'm convinced.
    Let's get the ball rolling for human annihilation starting with you?
    Afterall your 40+ years of existence must had been a real eye sore to the feline revolution.

  • mvirenicus

    it could always begin with you. “oh my god, they killed kenny!” but somehow i don't think anyone would care so much, would they?

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  • Somebody should get these guys into coke and frat parties before they get dangerous ambitions.

  • I do agree with this!

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