One of my favorite Monty Python skits ever takes on a new meaning when Al Qaeda is resorting to deployment of whiny rich kids who can’t even blow up their own testicles properly.

What I find most amusing about Al Qaeda’s finest is how familiar their journeys look. ?These were the guys in college who showed up on campus freshman year in the Jaguar mommy bought them for high school graduation, had their grandmas flown in on the Cessna for Parents Weekend, (because Granny flying commercial just isn’t done), refused to eat the cafeteria food, wouldn’t go to the football games because that many drunk people made them uncomfortable, kitted out their dorm rooms with obscenely expensive furniture, wintered in Palm Beach, summered in the Hamptons, took spring break on a private beach in the Caymans, and never EVER picked up the bar tab.

Because most of those guys were precisely as useless to society as the upper class twits in this Monty Python skit, they largely went on to become drug addicted, wife beating, yacht sailing, globe trotting exhibits of human wreckage. ?Looks like a few of them ended up in Al Qaeda, too.

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