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PB Happy New Year Boogie

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This post has been screaming at me since the day Issue 6 passed, and even louder since the day I started looking real hard at running for one of the county council seats Issue 6 created.

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Just got a call from the Board of Elections. ?The signature collection requirement has been decided for all the new county races, and it’s 50 signatures for both the county council seats and the executive race for the major party primaries on September 7. ?Here’s a PDF with the lowdown on all the other info, including requirements for independent candidates.

All. ?Systems. ?Go.

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Anthony gets a mailer, and immediately declares it the worst political campaign piece of the coming cycle.

The campaign mailer for “Independent” (Get it?) County Executive Candidate Ken Lanci must have already cost a pretty penny to mail countywide. It’s almost completely blank – minus a fireworks photo and the simple headlines. It doesn’t tell us a thing about what it is or why we should read it. It certainly doesn’t suggest I take action or prepare for something. In fact, the only action I took was to heave it in the recycle bin before realizing this […]

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