I just got a call from Cuyahoga County Judge Peter J. Corrigan, and he says that the Peter J. Corrigan who has pulled petitions to run as a Republican against Dennis Kucinich is some other Peter J. Corrigan, not him. ?Corrigan also said he’s running for re-election to his bench, he’s a Democrat, and would never even contemplate running against Dennis.

This is how desperate the Republican Party has become in Cuyahoga County. ?Despite all the troubles, some dude who magically has a great Irish last name and even more magically has the same first and middle name of a sitting Dem judge thinks this will get him elected to Congress. ?So pathetic.

It also shows how powerful the name-politics game is in Cuyahoga County. ?I wonder who that could help?

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  • Adrienne

    To knock off Dennis with a GOP with local name recognition.
    Why play fair when you can cheat, win and cover up later?

  • MarkKeating

    Eh. Running an empty shirt with a seemingly familiar name can work at the judicial level, but it's a much more suspect strategy for races at the top of the ticket – and doubly so when employed against a well-established candidate like Dennis, who has a loyal (fanatical, even) following.

    For one of the newly minted county government seats, on the other hand…

  • GR

    The Peter Corrigan running for Congress is legit. It is not a made-up name as you suggest (I have known him most of his life.) His father was a well known internist, his sister is a sitting Justice on the Michigan Supreme Court and he has been a Cleveland resident all his life. Please get your facts straight – this is not a “desperate” attempt as you suggest.

  • svi

    Dude , get you facts straight. Peter J Corrigan , the 10th district canidate is as legit as they come. Not only that but he does not lie , and he does what he says he'll do. Just check out his credentials for yourself.

  • mvirenicus

    yeah yeah so he's got a fan club. the only credential i need to see is the (R) next to his name. dismissed!

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