Someone else is wondering. ?Payola anyone?

They pay people to blog here; they manipulate the system to get on the rec list, including–as verified–using Twitter to drive people here to rec their posts as soon as they are made, regardless of what they contain.

As a result, they make it seem like their views are more popular than they are.

Here’s what I know about the public option campaign I got hoodwinked by. ?Bob Brigham told me he was paid $4,000 a month to do blogger outreach back in the summer. ?Others surely got paid to blog at DKos, and do more outreach. ?I sat on conference calls with many other state bloggers being pushed to do this, that, the other, to force members of Congress to sign FDL’s pledge, which this diarist takes down pretty thoroughly.

I no longer believe the money that paid Bob Brigham all came from online donors. ?I suspect it originally came from labor, specifically for public option campaigning, and since the public option has dried up, that labor money dried up. ?So where is the money coming from now? ? Perhaps it’s coming from Grover Norquist. ?I don’t know. ?I bet we’ll find out, because if some progressive group, labor or otherwise, gave Jane Hamsher money, they’ll probably want to know for damn sure whether or not it’s now being used to go after the White House and Rahm Emanuel, specifically.

I’m a bit weary of being the first guy to call foul on blog payola, then get hammered for it to the point I get banned at DKos, then watch the rest of the world catch up with the facts. ?But I am happy to see that DKos diarists are wising up.

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