UPDATE: ?Judge Corrigan confirms that there is some other Peter J. Corrigan who pulled petitions to run against Dennis as a Republican. ?It ain’t him.

Because I’m about to run for Cuyahoga County Council, I check the good ol’ candidate’s list regularly, and something very weird has popped up. ? Peter J. Corrigan is a Democratic Party elected judge in Cuyahoga County. ?Coincidentally, he was also once a prosecutor in Bill Mason’s office. ?Hmmmm….ain’t that special!

As of today’s candidate list (which changes all the time) Corrigan’s pulled petitions for his re-election as a judge on the Democratic Party ballot this fall. ?But he’s also pulled petitions to run as a Republican against Dennis Kucinich for Congress. ?Corrigan’s campaign website is blank.

A few things.

First, Corrigan is a lock for re-election as judge. ?Big time Irish last name + 50 signatures = enormous salary continues with no effort. ?Second, I cannot imagine that Corrigan thinks he’s going to beat Dennis Kucinich, which means if he does run against Dennis as a Republican, Corrigan will be unemployed thereafter. ?Third, he can’t be on the primary ballot for both judge for one party, and Congress for another.

All of which means fourth, Peter J. Corrigan is up to something. ?Has Peter J. Corrigan switched parties? ?Is the teabag calling? ?Or is Corrigan on the run from………hmmm….

  • looks like a teabagger, don't he?

  • Adrienne

    LOL! Ur too funny and so fabulously mean.
    He does look like lots fo the the 9/12 teabagging crowd.
    Why not announce his switch of parties then run as a Repub judge. He still has the Irish name recognition. Is it his association with Mason having been in the County prosecutors' office.

    He won't beat Dennis.

  • danngoingdown

    Not only that – as soon as he files to run for non-judicial office, he is required to immediately resign his judgeship.

  • no one will beat Dennis. ever.

  • Ryan S.

    We live in Cuyahoga County. It's impossible that there are two Peter J. Corrigan's and that the Republican is looking to get some name ID from the Democrat?

    This seems like jumping to conclusions rather than Corrigan being “up to something.”

  • that's why i have a call in to the judge.

  • post updated with the news that there are TWO Peter J. Corrigans. hilarious.

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  • Scspydell

    Because you, apparently, are running for County Council, it seems to me you might want to make sure your facts are correct in regards to Judge Peter J. Corrigan. Obviously, there is another Peter J. Corrigan running against Dennis. Seems to me you are just one of many morons out there!! God help us if someone like you is taken seriously!!

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