Or at least the naked threat of it:

What is the real intention of this Kenyan, Indonesian communist usurper? Is it to provide security for us or to destroy our security? Judge for yourself.
Seeing targeted destruction of our economy, our security, dissipation of American jobs, massive corruption in the Government, Congress Department of Justice and Judiciary, it might be time to start rallies and protests using our second amendment right to bear arms and organise in militias.

It wasn’t even a month ago that Sarah Palin called the “birther” position legitimate. I wonder how she feels about this latest screed from Taitz?

  • mvirenicus

    in any rational society these people would be in a mental institution receiving proper care, or at least learning how to make artsy craftsy stuff. i sometimes think i should be receiving mental health care just from having to live in this insane asylum known as the u.s.a.

  • Nan

    Orly Taitz needs to take her meds. Seriously! She sounds like she has a mental disorder.

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