Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life just put out the results of an interesting study that find Ohio falls right about in the middle when it comes to having a religious population. (ht)

About 55% of Ohioans say religion is very important in their lives – which is just under the national average of 56%.

Mississippi tops the list with 82%. Alaska, N.H. and Vermont fall at the bottom with around 36%.

More evidence that Ohio is a pretty moderate, middle-of-the-road state and as long as the Ohio GOP keeps embracing wingnutty ideologues like Michelle Bachmann and pushing their candidates toward hard-right, socially unjust platforms they are going to keep losing elections.

  • sidneyindependent

    These people obviously never visited my part of the state. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a Holy Roller Church here. The annual Winter Wonderland parade was decided to have the theme “Jesus the Reason For the Season” every year from here on out.

  • w00zard44

    I couldnt agree more. The truth is, the numbers may show us as a middle of the road state but vigor at which these “holy roller's” pursue their idiot causes tends to be a lot stronger than most of us liberals ever do. Not to mention these huge mega church david koresh compounds that dot the landscape. They pack wingnuts in there like cattle.

  • mvirenicus

    yeah, i don't buy the results either. the sheer number of braindead religious fruitcakes in this state is one of the many reasons i've dubbed ohio the “mississippi of the midwest?”

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