Just when you thought Hamilton County Republicans couldn’t get any fucking nuttier…

They book Michelle Bachmann for their Lincoln-Reagan Dinner.

Bachmann, who claims she was “called by God” to run for congress after fasting with her husband for three days, has promoted armed overthrow of the government, accused AmeriCorps of promoting “re-education camps”, pushed the idea of “death panels” and accused gay and lesbian Americans of suffering from “sexual identity disorders.”

Bachman is the worst kind of christofascist wackjob and it amazes me that anyone would invite her to speak in Ohio next year.

2010 is an important election year and the GOP has a couple of halfway decent, non-wingnutty candidates running without any serious primary challengers.

This means they can skip the “I’m a crazier right-wing fanatic than you!” part of their campaign needed to win over their base and get right to the reaching out to independent voters phase.

If these candidates are smart, they will avoid showing up at an event like this and risk being associated with the utter craziness that is Michelle Bachmann.