I’ve now reached the end of my rope. ?My first generation MacBook Pro is wonderful. ?It looks stunning, turns heads in coffee houses, runs well, and I’ve put it through some heavy lifting with tons of video work. ?Tons. ?It has never failed.


The fan simply will not turn off, despite all my attempts to stop it, and despite not running all that hot, ever. ?And this fan is loud. ?It disturbs guests in my apartment. ?I have to turn up the volume on my TV to drown it out. ?It runs when the laptop is open, sometimes when the laptop is closed, starts running the minute I turn it on, and stays running until I shut it down. ?On rare occasions, the fan decides, inexplicably, to take a break. ?It’s always a short break.

This is not normal, no matter what anyone tells me. ?I do not hear other people’s laptops whirring like a hairdryer in a coffee shop. ?They do, however, hear mine.

I’ve done the Google search. ?The user groups. ?The help manual. ? Some guy online suggests taking the laptop apart and cleaning the fan out, which I will not attempt for fear of destroying the machine, so I took it to the Apple store last month, and begged the Genius Bar dude to make it stop. ?Take it apart, clean the fan, do something anything, please. ?Genius Bar dude tells me I have too many applications running, and of course, like taking your car into the shop and the car won’t make that noise it makes when you drive it, Genius Bar dude magically closes an internet browser application, fan goes off. ?That was the last time that worked, no matter how many applications are running. ?Perfect. ?I am not insane, but Genius Bar dude probably thinks so.

I’m emailing this post to Apple. ?I want this problem solved. ?I have enormous amounts of data stored on this laptop, and if this thing goes south, because the stupid fan won’t turn off, I’m gonna be one pissed off Apple customer. ?I love Apple. ?I love my laptop. ?I want this fan to STOP.

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  • mvirenicus

    your laptop won't “go south” because of a constantly running fan. the fan itself might go south, in which case you need to get it replaced asap.

  • LOL. First, you don't have a first gen MBP. I do. Second, a running fan equals cooling. This prevents your laptop from “going south”. It won't cause it.

    Third, Steve Jobs most likely gives fuck all. He's too busy celebrating his record stock value.

  • Adrienne

    If you're worried, make sure you back up ur data

  • Yes. Please. Always back up your data! 😉

  • Get the iStat Pro dashboard widget.


    It'll give you internal CPU temperatures and RPM values on your fan speed. I never hear my fan running on my iMac, but it runs on my old MacBook quite frequently when I'm playing an online game and using Final Cut and MAMP.

    Also, go to your user settings in the System Preferences and take a look at how many programs you have set to automatically open when you boot up. You also might consider propping up your MBP on some matchbooks or something to get some airflow underneath. Whenever I have my MacBook sitting on a pillow or something like that, the fan always comes on.

  • mvirenicus

    i prefer to give bill gates my money. not for any particular reason. i even bought a zune instead of an ipod. my gf's teenage kids are very embarrassed by this.

  • Fight the power!

  • Fight the power!

  • existenz

    You should try an SMC reset. My cousin's Mac Mini fan was going constantly until I did the SMC reset and now it's as quiet as ever. It only takes one minute.

    Here is the link to instructions:


  • existenz

    Sounds to me like Tim needs to do an SMC reset. This is what controls the fan and monitors temperature.


  • MarkKeating


    Ditch the MBP, you need to get yourself one of these:



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