Every time you hear a conservative blogger, token Republican, reporter, or Kasich supporter say: “Ted Strickland raised taxes during the worst economic recession since the Great Depression.” Smack them across the head with this figure:


That’s how much Ted Strickland has cut the state’s income taxes during his term, even after you factor in the state income tax cut freeze passed a few weeks ago.

There is no honest debate about Ted Strickland and taxes as it relates to the recent budget resolution.  No matter how you spin the facts, you cannot claim that Ted Strickland has raised taxes when the tax rates have been reduced by nearly a quarter of his term.

Don’t fail to correct a single comment on a newspaper website, a barber shop conversation, or a bar debate without pointing out that over Governor Strickland’s term taxes have been cut massively.

The attempt by the Republicans to spin this reminds me of this Lewis Black piece (of course, being Lewis Black, there’s explicit language):

21%… That’s how much taxes have been cut in Ohio under Governor Strickland’s budget.  That’s not a fact subject to any debate.  It’s what happened.