Looks to me like the Cuyahoga County federal investigation may be reaching it’s denouement.

Inside sources also reveal that metro editor Chris Quinn, who the Independent identified as a friend of Mason?s top lieutenant (and the chief roadblock to any negative article on Mason), has been barred from any editorial meetings involving Mason for the time being….Set your watches. Big names are expected in cuffs on a Friday morning not too far in the future!

I’ve been saying to people, and now will blog it, that I can’t believe Bill Mason hasn’t been arrested yet. ?I’ve seen the gold standard of corruption up close in the former Soviet Union, and Bill Mason is putting them all to shame. ?Mason has populated his office with nothing but unqualified hacks, he basically wrote Issue 6 to preserve his own office as the sole remaining elected office, put it on the ballot himself, had his cronies draw the fucking district map behind closed doors, got the city newspaper to basically rubber stamp it, and is right now sitting on the entire electoral process he himself put in place, deciding ballot access. ?Hell, I don’t even know how many signatures I need to run for county council!

And that’s just what’s gone on with Mason in the time he’s been surrounded by subpoenas and wiretaps. ?You almost have to sit in awe and respect at the sheer gall. ?But this man is out of control. ?And this ain’t Kazakhstan. ?And it looks like Bill Mason is about to find out just how far he’s pushed his luck.

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