In a post written by a guy who voted with his feet back when his party controlled the entire State, this is rich with irony:

When people decide to move, they use a predetermined set of variables to decide that they want to live somewhere else. These variables can be anything from wanting to live somewhere warmer to wanting to go somewhere where it’s easier to get a job.

Keeling (a.k.a. N.O. Factsstraight)?goes on and notes that a preliminary survey by the Census indicates that Ohio may be the only State to lose two congressional seats under the next reapportionment.

He, of course, then says that what Ohio needs to do is adopt the not-radical-even though-most-States-have-not-done-so policy of repealing our income tax as favored by his former boss, GOP gubernatorial candidate John Kasich:

Interestingly enough, two of the top five growing states, Texas and Florida, are states without an income tax.

Keeling’s entire point is that people seem to be moving to Florida because of its tax structure makes it more easier to get a job, not for the warmer weather.

Then why is Florida’s unemployment rate substantially higher than Ohio’s?

Again, rich with irony, but bare on facts.? (If you’re going to be unemployed, at least get a tan while you do it.)? While it’s true that Florida has no income tax, it’s also known for having some of the highest property tax rates in the nation making the cost-of-living there one of the worst in the nation.? Also, not surprising, Florida has a sales tax rate higher than Ohio.? In other words, Florida has great weather, but it’s unemployment and tax situation is worse than Ohio if you care about more than just not having a state income tax to pay.? But if lack of having an income tax is a way to create jobs, as Kasich’s campaign seems to be arguing, he and Keeling need to explain then why Florida and Nevada, both states without an income tax, are in the top States for highest unemployment rates.? (They don’t.)? By the way, Keeling, Nevada is another state with no income tax, was ranked as having higher population growth in the census?than Ohio’s, and also has an unemployment rate higher than Ohio’s.

Despite the misconception Keeling creates, Ohio isn’t potentially losing two Congressional seats because Ohioans are flocking to no-income tax states.? Ohio’s population is growing, but it’s not growing as fast as other states.? According to the same Census survey Keeling mentions, Ohio’s population has been growing, more this year than last year.

Furthermore, one of the biggest states in growing population is California which is known for having high progressive taxes and, currently, one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation.? In other words, there’s no corrolation between state population growth and lack of income taxes or low unemployment numbers.??

Keeling apparently just hates Ohio and is talking trash about this State for his candidate and his goofball deficit-ballooning policies.? Regardless, the census data actually refutes his argument that people are leaving Ohio for no-income tax States and the unemployment data refutes his claim that people would flock there because the no-tax policies promote job growth.? I can’t imagine how a single post could get so many things wrong at once.

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