Big time. ?And it’s ABOUT time. ?Thank God someone over there has a fucking clue. ?In this instance, it’s Jed Lewison with the brain. ?Now if only I can get my account re-activated!

  • Ban Jed!

  • Adrienne

    The kossacks have been spewing for days…… on JH. Lots of opining on both sides. Then the real attacks started. JH appearing on Faux & Friends……played for a sucker……Oh that's not so bad.

    Then came the double pronged attack by taking on both……..Bernie Sanders and the President (thru straw man Rahm). Oh another Dem conspiracy spun out of of thin air. Joining with master of manipulation of the far right wing G. Norquist. I wonder why he isn't in jail. His fingerprints are all over a lot of mischief over that last 30 years.

    I knew you were right, Tim, sharp elbows and all.

    Entertaining, yes
    Distracting, massively.
    Lots of “hair on fire angry” rants. Looks like people stilll need some therapy to recover from the Bush years.

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