At their best, Rasmussen’s political polls tend to be pretty unreliable; at their worst they are completely biased. But I do find their non-political polling kind of interesting. Primarily for the subject matter.

Today they released these survey results:

81% Think Decorating Their Christmas Tree Is Fun

Hardly an amazing revelation considering the survey included only those people who actually celebrate Christmas.

But it did leave me wondering who the other 19% were.

According to the detailed report they are “unmarried adults and those who don?t have children in the home.”

Which leaves me wondering: if you are an unmarried adult without children, why the hell are you setting up a Christmas tree?

  • mvirenicus

    LOL! i love your posts, man! i'm guessing those unmarried adults w/o children are setting up xmas trees because they're “supposed to,” just like all the other “supposed to”s implanted in their brains by their parents, schools, churches and mass media messages. that shit runs deep. if only most people could know the joy and liberation of heaving all that crap in the garbage! unless one really enjoys hanging crap from a dead tree in the middle of their home. go for it, dudes!

  • Amber

    Hey! I've always put up and decorated a Christmas tree. It's a happy family tradition and… sparkles 🙂

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