You know, I generally try to avoid posting on press releases, but this is too good to pass up.

Fresh after being on the losing side of the budget battle and with growing criticism in the media over Kasich’s lack of any detail on how he’d pay for his income tax repeal, Kasich’s campaign tries to attack Governor Strickland for not foreseeing the global economic collapse.?

It backfires so badly, I’m actually amused out of how much Chris Redfern is enjoying finally making Kasich’s position with Lehman Bros. politically relevant.

The [Kasich] spokesman said: “Many other states were prepared for this [global recession], they planned for this and they had the?leadership to handle it, and we have done none of that in this state?”

Redfern responded to the attack, saying, “Let me get this straight. John Kasich and his friends were ruining the economy and hurting the American people, but Ted Strickland should have known that Lehman Brothers would collapse and result in a global recession? And John Kasich, who was making millions as Managing Director at Lehman Brothers, and who had direct access to CEO Richard Fuld, should have known nothing??

“The truth is, while no one except a Wall Street insider like John Kasich could have possibly ‘planned’ for Lehman Brothers’ collapse, Governor Strickland has guided Ohio through the global recession by balancing the state budget, expanding child health care, capping tuition increases, lowering property taxes and passing vital reforms to Ohio’s education system. That’s what I call leadership.

“John Kasich, on the other hand, is jetting around the country making tens of thousands of dollars off paid speaking engagements and continuing his career as a FOX News commentator, while avoiding at all costs giving Ohioans even a glimpse into what he would do as Governor. That’s what John calls leadership.”

Yes!? More of tying Kasich to no real ideas or plans, more FOX News references, more millionaire Kasich…

I’m really starting to believe that the budget deal was a major turning point in the race.? Strickland is emerging as a practical leader who’s willing to do what is necessary even with political risks in order to do the right thing and keep the state from shutting down over ideological paralysis.? Meanwhile, Kasich has really been on the defensive and his campaign attempts to go after Strickland seem forced and, frankly, illogical.

I’m glad that ODP is broadening the attacks more.? I think it will be more effective.