In an effort to make Rahm Emanuel laugh so hard he’s probably pissing himself.

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  • Adrienne

    I guess Jane wants to be the new Ralph Nader.
    Anybody remember that Norquist is pals with Jack Abramoff. I'm not sure how Norquist dodged the scandal. Maybe his friend W. helped out. Maybe this is a dodge to distract from his own problems. Pot meet kettle.
    This is too funny.

  • mvirenicus

    i've made the comparison before but it seems again apt under the current circumstances. the february (1917) revolution in russia toppled the czar and replaced him with a provisional government comprised primarily of “liberals” and “moderate socialists.” the provisionals proceeded to accomplish nothing they promised and were replaced in october of the same year by the bolshevik revolution and the resulting soviet government. the only thing i see preventing a similar outcome in the u.s.a. is the fact that americans are dumb as bricks and will continue to bootlick their masters until they are lowered into the ground bankrupt and homeless because they couldn't afford a basic human right like health care.

  • Adrienne

    Remember, people have been brainwashed. This is the same brainwashing that got people to vote for Nixon, Reagan, Bush. The GOP message is simple… cuts + freedom = ?

    Plus they blame brown skin people, who don't speak english, who aren't Christian, for all the ills…….the old red baiting, combined with “southern strategy” which I never understood until I saw it unleashed on Obama. It gets them elected. I don't know why folks haven't caught onto this except the media keeps repeating this nonsense like they are doing serious reporting.

    Serious parroting is more like it.

    I don't get it. People are voting for being turned into serfs….

  • mvirenicus

    i agree with everything you've written here and i especially enjoyed the tax cuts + freedom = ? thingy. hilarious!… but wait… it ain't that funny cuz it's all too true! i guess that i diverge from most folks in that i blame the american people themselves for allowing themselves to be brainwashed; hence, my constant commentary slamming the native intelligence of the average american. i'd say i'm just a snot like that, but i've had way too much personal experience with and eyeball observation of the typical american stooge to think my conclusion is inaccurate.

  • Adrienne

    Gotta laugh……way better than crying during the “Reign of Terror part deux” oops I mean the Cheney administration.
    Yeah, but people believe what is on the TV. Plus the manner of questions that are asked on “cable news” does not get at what the “real facts” are plus gee how much coverage of Tiger Woods and Michael Jackson do we need?

    The PD sold Issue 6………again the media selling a pov, not reporting
    Remember the selling of the war……..9/11 = IRAQ.
    I almost believed it myself………except I thought weren't the 9/11 hijackers from S. Arabia………..WTF. Now the Obama is a (insert pajorative of choice). This stuff sticks just by sheer repetition.

  • mvirenicus

    i don't watch television except under extraordinary circumstances. i might peruse a newspaper once a month if i'm lucky. i get 99% of my info from NPR and select sites on the Intertubes. i don't know how the MSM is treating obama these days, but i've developed some of my own pejoratives for his administration and congressional dems. it was actually the point of my original comment. from my perspective, the dems are behaving more or less like the russian revolutionary provisional government that was replaced by the bolsheviks. the bolsheviks meant what they said and did exactly what they promised, like removing russia from WW1. it was pretty easy. they just did it. the problem was they immediately had to turn around and fight the remnants of the old order in a civil war against the “white army.” it took awhile but it had a happy ending: the red army won.

  • Adrienne

    I got your analogy. Unfortunately, we live in a divided country and being held back by the dumb people. The dumb people easily influenced by the TV and the GOP talking points on talk radio. Again, appeal to fear, anxiety has been a winning strategy. Also, some people are liberal about some things and conservative about others. They abhor change.

    Most of the good stuff in this country is from the left. But some of ur friends can't do the math.

  • Adrienne

    “I meant our friends”.
    I watch “cable news” to keep up with the latest liefest.

    Also, some of our fellow Americans had their world view shifted. The ultimate in scary came true on Nov4 2008, a date which will live in infamy. Obama was elected and is a Black man, and a Democrat.

    That makes him a twofer thus doubly scary.

    He isn't a “real American” He couldn't have beat a White man………..hence all the birther, commie, socialist, (fascist) language, of course one of these things is not like the others.

    Oops, the Cavs are behind

  • mvirenicus

    i wanted obama to succeed. i've always viewed dems with a jaundiced eye, as the lesser of evils, as the party most likely to promise great things and disappoint in the most spectacular manner possible. i thought this time, with this man, things might be different. i've sat silently over the past year as obama and his congressional “allies” have bungled major policy issue after policy issue, from the stimulus to the bailouts to foreclosures to the environment to land mines. the list could go on. i've been telling myself that he just needs to get his legs under him and he'll rise to his potential. now, with the final result of health care “reform” within view, the camel's back has been broken. it is plainly obvious to me that this man is no leader and when push comes to shove he doesn't have a progressive bone in his body. he is the status quo. plainly better than shrub by a matter of degrees, but so would be shrub's father. it's like having george herbert walker in the white house all over again. do i wish him ill? do i want him to fail? no. but i won't be fooled by the dems again. lol@cavs closer. 🙂

  • Adrienne

    I respect your opinion.
    I just come here to express my opinion without sharp knives or other unpleasant sharp pointy objects hence my minimal interaction on dkos.
    I agree with you mostly.
    We might disagree because of our POV. I grew up here, and you and I may have had similar experiences, perhaps even parallel. I get why the President is not acting in the manner you wish. I also get why you are frustrated. Why don't we see how it turns out? I just can't get hot about it. There isn't anything I can do about it other than write and call my representatives.

    Will be volunteering for J Brunner…….so I will be putting my shoe leather where my mouth is.
    thank you and have a Merry Xmas

  • mvirenicus

    what's a nice person like you doing in a …? hehe hang in there. i like brunner too, but my political instincts tell me that all substantive societal change comes from below, from the streets, from the people, thru direct action that shakes the foundations of the power structures and not necessarily thru the ballot box, although that's important too.

    i'm here at PB because i'm a russo fanboy dating from his days at BSB. although we definitely have our differences, i've enjoyed his flying elbows and haughty manner as he displays his political cunning. he also has some weird poetic streak that comes shining through at the oddest moments. hi tim! 😛 i'm still getting acquainted with the others here too. seem like a fine bunch, although i find myself drifting back toward the more radical roots of my youth with outlets elsewhere.

    in the end we're all brethren of the left, albeit with varying temperaments and goals and opinions about means to achieve them. nice meeting you. glad that you feel you might have found a home here. community is important, especially in these dark days.

  • Adrienne

    LOL…HAH! Ur so funny.
    If you read my Luv (snark) post in defense of Russo, it might help ou understand some of my thinking. He linked to it “A Kossack loves me!…”

    I found you thru them. They have lost their minds over there but will come to their senses.

    If you remember, the political climate now is as toxic as an EPA superfund site. The climate got worse under Bush, not surprising, and I enjoyed adding to it . It is even worse because of the President's ethnicity and party. He has been subject to terribly scathing and blistering attacks. Now, I'm here with a shovel and a broom to help clean up and not add any more to the mess. Alot of the frustration is from 8 years of suppression and repression. I think the frustration needs to be directed in the right direction. I am NOT going to take it out on the President.

    In addition to giving O a better Democrat here (volunteering for J Brun), Lets remind people of the stuff that is really going on….

    Why isn't any of this covered in the news?
    1. GOP obstruction…..not a fan of bi-partisanship, but the President at least tried. Can't get much done with them standing in the way.

    2. Increasing RW terrorist threats against the President and his family…….A woman was just arrested by the FBI in Hawaii for threatening to kill the first lady….we would have heard for days if any Bushie had been threatened.

    3. Increasing RW terrorist activity…..not a conspiracy but a pattern of violence against “liberals” ….the shooting at the Holocaust museum, the shooting of police officers in Penn, the alleged Cuyahoga heights bomb maker……
    We need to be writing, phoning e-mailing our friends int he MSM…..they did cover the “history of voter suppression” finally last year.

    4, The biggest bank “job” amd associated theft of people's homes, destruction of wealth……….and the crooks make a very good target “Wall street fat cats steal billions”…..this is where we can enlist the teabaggers ….except the RW co-opts them to say less regulation, less taxes. Wall street needs to be taxed and regulated to as close to death as possible. They do not serve a useful function other making money out of money and if they screw up they should not be able to go down in flames without us and without us putting a floor under them. Multi-billion dollar welfare queens I say.

    We need to shout louder.
    We do have friends, Sen Brown, for example. I actually got a real response from his office concerning Bernanke, as opposed to Voinovich (not one word from him, not even an acknoledgement). Boy is he an empty suit.
    Has George do anything for Ohio since he went to DC? I used to be a fan because he got stuff done, not so much now.

    I am going to write Brown again. Maybe we need to paper his office. I hope to be able to go to DC for one of his coffees, I know making a personal visit is a good. Maybe his staff reads this blog……….you guys, and gals have some movers and shakers reading the blog. In my next e-mail I will include this site so that Sen Brown can have some idea of where the “grassroots” are.

    I cannot be on the side of people (GOP, teabaggers) because they are on the side of my disenfranchisement. Their language is like an alarm (warning….DANGER AHEAD) so I will work to get better Democrats and hold my nose next to the others.

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