Great post-banning comment after the jump.

From the now banned account, a supportive comment.

I am new to dkos, and I think I found plunderbund through this site and I am thankful to Tim and his friends for providing me an outlet for my 8 years of frustration.

I was born and grew up in NE Ohio. I left, came back, left and came back last year. I may leave again, but for now I am 100% an Ohioan and behind the Democratic party and behind the President.

I have always been and will always be a fan of Cleveland, and Ohio. I watched with complete fascination the electoral politics here.

You can certainly get angry at Tim for the use of his language. Despite his language, I have his back too.


He knows the lay of the land.

He knows local/state and apparently national politics.

He knows the ugliness of the Republican party here.

I have learned alot from him and his friends.

I don’t know him, but I know him. Just like I don’t know President Obama (I just love saying that), but I know him because we are the same generation (the tweens), have a similar educational backround. Like having brothers from another mother. So yeah, I’m in the bag for Obama. Who else we got? Ralph Nader………………UGH!,GROSS! Like Ralph is going to appeal to the youth.

Not surprised that the far left want to fold instead of standing up in a respectful manner. Good luck with being swallowed up and assuring folks on the right that ‘”we” were who they thought “we” were’.


Not me I’m not with those folks over there

This is exactly what the Rupubs want. They want to win in 2010 like they won in 1994 with our friends on the left doing most of the dirty work.

Then of course, they want us to turn this President into another Jimmy Carter. Not so fast. Now I was a witness to 1980, and I do not want a repeat of that. Again NOT ME, not going to help with that, definitely not down with that.

What is the better alternative on the right? They got nothin ‘cept name calling, and other distracting tactics which they have raised to a new form of entertainment AKA “the cable news”

I wish the news would be the news and not the mouthpiece of the rw. But of course when you are labelled (sic) “liberal”, you have to be extra “fair”.

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