Amid all the HCR disappointment, Copenhagen hand wringing, and teabag nonsense, let’s remember just how far we’ve come. While the media and the right want to make a big deal of some White House attention seeking party crashers, today we note a report that a known liar and thief duped the Bush Administration into believing he could decode broadcasts from Al Jazeera into future actions of terrorists.

(Note: When your own attorney brands you a “habitual liar engaged in fraud”, that’s a bad thing)

You may remember some hinting among the right about terrorists using secret codes in Al Jazeera broadcasts. Turns out the basis for this was a con man who convinced the 9/11 punch drunk Bush Administration and Pentagon into thinking he had technology that could “crack the code” to understand what the terrorists would do next.

He couldn’t explain it. He couldn’t give them the algorithms, but they gave him money anyway and raised the terror alert level to Orange!

This was the level of incompetence of our former administration:

The federal government was acting on the Al Jazeera claims without even understanding how Montgomery found his coordinates. “I said, ‘Give us the algorithms that allowed you to come up with this stuff.’ They wouldn’t even do that,” says the first officer. “And I was screaming, ‘You gave these people fucking money?'”

The best part of it all is this delicious irony:

A branch of the French intelligence services helped convince the Americans that the bar codes were fake.

Freedom Fries ahoy!

We all too soon forget the travesty that was the Bush Administration and our dismissal of it and all it stood for. When we begin to judge how far from perfect our current administration is, let’s remember who re-calibrated the scale downward.

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