Modern’s piece on Kasich is up. It’s all I promised and then some. Maybe not what you expected, but there’s a point to that. The right in Ohio has historically gone down the nasty rumor mill road more times than not. They typically do it when most vulnerable. You’ll remember the NAMBLA flailing about that eventually even made it into a debate between now Governor Strickland and his opponent Ken Blackwell (now fringe wingnut columnist).

Then there’s the “Strickland is gay” stuff, lead by Scott Pullins and other right wing bloggers. Now we have the “Ted may have Parkinson’s Disease” being spewed by the likes of Kyle Sisk. The same Kyle Sisk who posts a disgusting Willie Horton-esque attack on the Governor only to edit it then pull it down entirely once it’s discovered that the main suspect in the killing of 4 police officers in Seattle is someone whose 95 year sentence was commuted by Kasich buddy Mike Huckabee. The credibility gap between the two bloggers at this point is Grand Canyon in scale.

My earlier rumor mongering hinting at the subject of Modern’s post is surely a let down for some. The point, however, is to expose the tactics being employed by those on the right who would surely scream should those tactics be used against them. The other thing worth noting is that actual journalists have been hoodwinked by such rumor mongering to the point that they pick up crap from a discredited blogger and push lines of questioning that have no merit whatever. Yet it is doubtful they’ll actually use Modern’s post today to ask Kasich any questions related to the underlying narrative of his campaign and question it.

So while there appears to be no dirty little secret in terms of a gay affair or other such sensational news, there is a dirty little secret related to the basis of the Kasich campaign. We’ll now await to see if Joe Hallett and his brethren have the guts to ask the questions. So how about it guys? Care to question the false narrative that is John Kasich for Governor? There is still time to save your own credibility from the likes of Kyle Sisk.

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