Unlike some of the other guys here at PB I’m not hell-bent on destroying Lee Fisher.

He’s not my favorite Democrat in the Senate race. But I also don’t think he’s a bad guy and, as the party favorite and assumed nominee, he’s probably been wise to follow the standard playbook for a candidate in his position: shut up, raise a lot of money and wait for your underfunded opponent’s campaign to shrivel and die.

Two months ago I was convinced his strategy was going to work. I sincerely believed that the Brunner campaign was doomed and Fisher was going to be on the ballot next November.

I’m starting to think I was very wrong.

While Fisher’s crew has been sitting on the sidelines waiting for Brunner to drop out, J-Bru’s team has really done a great job of changing the conversation, getting out in front of the issues and making Fisher look like a total slacker.

Brunner’s team is quickly proving they are more agile, clever, responsive and smart. Today’s fundraising emails from the two campaigns provide a great example.

At around 3:30 PM today I got an email from the Fisher campaign asking for a contribution to help improve their year-end financial reporting:

Our important end-of-year financial reporting deadline is quickly approaching, and I would very much appreciate your help now, so that I can continue the fight.

People are going to be looking at our financial report not just to gauge the strength of our campaign, but to gauge the amount of fight we have in us.

Please contribute $5 or more before our December 31st deadline and show that we don’t let up when the fight gets tough!

It’s important to note that this was the first email I have received from the Fisher campaign since signing up for their mailing list in late November. If I was expecting to actually learn something about the candidate from this one email I was surely mistaken. The content told me absolutely nothing about Lee except that he’d really like me to give him some money.

During the same time period (late Nov to present) I have received at least 8 emails from the Brunner camp on topics ranging from Afghanistan to abortion. And while I don’t always agree with Jennifer on every issue, at least I know where she stands. And when she asks for money – as all candidates do – she does so only after she explains her positions and her reasons.

Up until today I had been supporting Jennifer’s candidacy in public but privately believing Fisher would prevail.

But today I changed my mind after reading an email I received from Jennifer’s campaign, an email that proves Brunner gets it and Fisher doesn’t.

The title of the email was “Don’t give money to my US Senate campaign this week” and the important part is this:

During the holiday season… I’d like to ask you to give your time and money to your favorite charity, instead of giving it to my campaign.

The email goes on to list a few of the charities Brunner supports, along with contact information so readers can donate.

Not that it’s really necessary, but here’s the recap:

* Lee Fisher sends out a year-end email asking for $5 so he can meet his fundraising goals.
* Jennifer Brunner sends out a holiday email asking her supporters to give donations to three wonderful non-profit organizations instead of her campaign.

Take a wild guess who is actually going to get my contribution?