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Recently, it became almost impossible to say anything positive about this president. Not even if you back it up with facts and real news. So instead of just letting all that toxic to really burn me, i decided to create this little corner, where people can just share their support for the president, without being mocked and put down. It’s not a Forbidden-Obama-Criticism-Zone by any mean, and there won’t be any rules. Only one thing will be unacceptable: Disrespect towards the president or other posters. This is the president of The United States. The first black president. A terrific man who’s been a target of an awful hate machine since the day he decided to run for the presidency. And he’ll be shown the respect he deserve here. The same goes for the people who support him. There are plenty of blogs all around, where it’s almost required to insult Obama’s supporters, so if anyone wish to do that – Take it somewhere else

For those who don’t know, blackwaterdog was a regularly recommended diarist at DailyKos, who mainly posted a series of beautiful photo diaries, made up of White House photos of President Obama. ?Those diaries never failed to reinforce my pride in our president, and this country for electing him.

This week, blackwaterdog posted a fairwell diary, thanks to the poisonous environment which prevails at DailyKos these days. ?As Modern says below, the state of the DailyKos community at this moment is near toxic, so toxic, that even beautifully shot photographs from the White House staff photographer are met with near hatred. ?I’d cross post this in my account at DailyKos, if I didn’t think it might get me banned for the Nth time [UPDATE- I got banned anyway for calling out Jane Hamsher. ?Lovely.]. ?I don’t need that, especially since I was able to help convince the DailyKos community to light the blogosphere fuse for Jennifer Brunner.

The vicious demonization, by the hard right, of the first African American president in the history of the United States, is now joined by his most disloyal former supporters on the hard left. ?It was probably inevitable. ?And all over one provision, in one bill, on one issue, which if this president wanted to, he’d have been quite reasonable to ignore in the face of a calamitous economy on the verge of total inferno. ? I’ve had my battles with the hard left of our party, and I don’t shy away from it. ?I find this episode to be utterly predictable, but no less sad. ?And they will all look like a bunch of damn fools in a year or two.

Barack Obama’s genius is that he smokes out the people he can’t trust long term, without so much as lifting a finger. ?Barack doesn’t pick fights – he lets people self select the battles they want to fight with him, and then he goes about thoroughly defeating them, repeatedly, all with a smile. ?It was evident in the way his campaign handled the lefty blogosphere, it was evident in how he ran the campaign, and it is evident now in how he governs. ?When both the farthest right wing neanderthals and the farthest left of the Democratic Party both despise him, Barack’s getting somewhere.

I suspect he knows this.

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