Maybe this ODP press release will finally get someone on the sleeping media to ask John Kasich this simple question:  Ok, so what would YOU have done as Governor?

Meanwhile, this is the first thing that Governor Strickland has done that GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine has not issued a press release condemning.  It’s kind of hard for him to do so given that, as Redfern points out, the budget bill was a product of an agreement with the leadership of the GOP-controlled Senate.

Oh, and that, it’s not a tax hike when it’s the same tax levels as the year prior, and taxes have actually gone down, not up, while Strickland has been Governor.

In other budget news, Senator Mark Wagoner (R-Toledo), one of the five GOP Senators who supported the bill, had some pretty harsh words for his GOP brethren:

[Wagoner saying] the bill should “appropriate some backbones.”

“I would have supported reasonable cuts,” he said. “Yet some of our members, including members of our own caucus who are voting against this bill, couldn’t stomach any more cuts.”

“I wish I could tell you how many of my colleagues told me they were all for giving five votes… but only so long as (he or she) wasn’t one of the five,” Wagoner said. “If we were all storming the beaches of Normandy right now, very few in our caucus would have gotten off the boat.”

Ouch…  Meanwhile over at Imagination Land, Virginia-based Kasich campaign blogger Jon Keeling (a.k.a. KC Steaksauce) thinks Kasich’s strategy of attacking Strickland without presenting any alternative is “fine, just, fine.”

So, considering this background, why didn’t Kasich get involved?


He hasn’t been elected yet.

Yes, why should Ohioans expect a candidate running on the slogan “A New Way. A New Day” and “Real Leadership” be able to articulate what that new way is?  I mean, it’s not like Kasich’s own statement concedes he’s been traveling the State running for Governor since 2006 or anything!

Hey, if John shouldn’t get involved because he hasn’t been elected, then why is he getting involved?  Keeling cannot understand that because the concept of logic and reason doesn’t exist in ImaginationLand:

Keep singing, I. M. Crazysauce.