Online only piece at the Indy.

However, Nina Turner isn?t much of a fundraiser. Turner?s latest campaign finance reports show her raising less than $25,000 in 2009. If Turner is going to run for county executive in the fall of 2010, she?s going to have to raise a mountain of cash, fast. There?s no group of people capable of raising that kind of money, that quickly, other than the usual suspects who backed White. The Ratners, Millers, Rzepkas, et al.

Nina Turner is happy to keep us guessing. Through a spokesperson, Turner refused to answer any questions about who might have given her money between now and her last campaign finance filing. Turner also said she hasn?t decided whether or not she will run for county executive.

It’s looking very likely that Issue 6 has set off a chain reaction whose consequences no one can predict.

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