What’s the best way to make Lee Fisher’s morning? ?Show him how many people donated to Jennifer Brunner online in the last 12 hours.

Sad to think that I’m just as juiced by sticking it to the DSCC as to any rw group, but that is where we stand. I sent in some benjamins.


I’m in, Tim…for $300.00. I’ll do it tomorrow morning, though I’m donating to her directly rather than through ActBlue. I am from Ohio originally and my entire family still lives there, and I’ll do what I can to get Jennifer Brunner elected.

I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile. I really appreciate this diary – if I may be so bold, I’ve noticed that the DK community has gotten a bit distracted from the business of electing better Democrats, as we’ve been worrying about the business of actually governing. 🙂

The Brunner-Fisher primary is a classic example of a progressive upstart versus an establishment corprocrat. If Fisher is elected, in three years we’ll be speaking about him in much the same tones as we speak of, say, Claire McCaskill or Mark Pryor… most likely not the worst Senator in our party, but absolutely not the best that we could or should be doing in Ohio. And it’s certainly not out of the question that Fisher could end up of the Lieberman-Landrieu-Lincoln ilk.

This community needs to be squarely behind Brunner in this race. Yesterday, the top-rated diary on this rec list talked about getting engaged, and the Brunner-Fisher battle is a fine place for this community to start.


thanks to your diary, Jennifer Brunner is getting my last political contribution of the decade.

It’s impossible to say that this is THE moment when Jennifer Brunner’s fundraising takes off online, but it sure looks like it could be the turning point. ?All thanks to Bob Menendez, the DSCC, and through them, the entire rationale for Lee Fisher’s campaign being money. ?Now that’s irony.

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