I am getting word from Modern that he will be posting an exclusive expos? on Monday of John Kasich. He’ll be exposing John’s “dirty little secret”. He’s finishing up some research and talking to a few people about it in order to put a nice tight bow on it. He promises a piece by Monday.

From what I’m hearing this is going to be huge and will expose the true nature of John Kasich that does not square with the public image his campaign wants voters in Ohio to believe. I don’t have any details yet, but we’re all free to speculate as to the nature of the bomb that is about to be dropped.

Is John involved in a secret gay relationship dating back to the 80s?

Does John suffer from a particularly nasty case of Tourette’s syndrome that causes him to lash out at campaign staff – hurling both profanity and coffee?

Is John the subject of an ongoing investigation related to drugs?

Does John have a life threatening illness that might prevent him from even finishing out the campaign much less serve as Governor?

Maybe there is some kind of sex scandal going on that we are as yet unaware of?

I am not alleging any of these things to be true. This is mere speculation. I have no idea what Modern will bring to bear on Monday but I do know one thing. The guy is thorough and it will be backed up by solid evidence and sourcing. Until Monday I guess all we can do is speculate. What are you hearing?

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