The United States has survived foreign invasions from the greatest empires of the day, civil war, global economic depressions, 9/11, Dick Cheney after 9/11, countless natural disasters, etc., and yet the only thing that has happened in our history that has rendered our democratic government to cease to function for nearly a month is the appointment of John Kasich to the Chairman of the House Budget Committee.? Kasich beats a global depression, a civil war, and invasions as the closest thing to causing our federal government to collapse.? Think about that.

Now, he wants to run the State of Ohio with a tax plan that would reduce our state’s revenues by 40% with no announced plans on how he’d balance the budget.

And? yet his supporters think that the visible display of Governor Ted Strickland leading the Senate GOP around by its nose to balance the budget helps Kasich?

I don’t get that.