Rob Portman just sent me a fundraising email titled “Stop the Bailouts! End TARP!”

Here’s the main part:

“Seems like every other day, Democrats in Washington have found a new group to bail out using our tax dollars. In fact, the only people who haven?t been bailed out by Washington’s massive spending are the working families and small business owners who are among those suffering most under this historic economic crisis.”

It sounds like Rob Portman’s knowledge of what’s going on in Washington is no better than that of Duct Tape Dude.

You know there is a problem when your candidate for US Senate has the same level of knowledge of recent congressional actions as some kid who spends his time covering sweatshirts with duct tape and camping out at book stores.

Let me clear some things up for you Rob:

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 contains hundreds of billions of dollars to help working families and small businesses including:

* $82.5 billion for job training and similiar services for low income workers, unemployed and retirees

* $288 billion for tax cuts to individuals and businesses

* $61.3 billion for loans and investments into green energy technology (small businesses)

The rest was used for things that also help working families and small businesses. Things like education ($90.9 billion) and roads, bridges and sewers ($51.2 billion).

Oh, and that TARP money? Almost all of it is going to be paid back.

For a guy who wants to be a Senator, you’d think he spend a little more time paying attention to what’s actually going on in DC.

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