In June 2009, the Pew Center on the States issued its report “The Clean Energy Economy: Repowering Jobs, Businesses, and Investments Across America.”  Among it’s findings regarding Ohio:

  • “Ohio ranked among the top five states with the most jobs in clean energy, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly production in 2007.” (p. 3 in the .pdf).
  • Ohio is one of twelve States with large and growing clean energy economies (p. 29).
  • Ohio was fourth in the nation for clean energy jobs. (p.30)
  • Ohio was third in the nation in energy efficiency jobs. (Id.)
  • Ohio was fourth in the nation in environmentally-friendly production.  (Id.)
  • Ohio was sixth in conservation and pollution jobs. (Id.)
  • Ohio was one of seven States that saw job losses in other industries but gains in clean energy industry jobs.  (p. 32)
  • Ohio was seventh in the nation for clean energy technology patents (p. 34)

Again, all this data was in 2007, before Governor Strickland signed into law his energy policy mandating that a 25% of Ohio’s electricity be generated by clean energy technologies with specific mandates for renewable, clean energy generation.

In other words, Ohio is leading the nation in the promotion of clean energy and clean energy jobs under Governor Strickland’s leadership.

Hey, Greens…. “Pew you.”