I’m going to go ahead and nominate this for post title of the year in a late entry: “Jennifer Brunner : The Velvet Inferno Begins Burning the Script”

Anthony nails it.

The line from the people who really know her goes like this : “God help these f___ers if they don’t take her seriously. She’s a wonderful person. Don’t get me wrong. She’s caring and compassionate and I’d walk through fire for her. But God help these guys if they cross her. She’s got ice water running through those veins and she’ll take you down a brick at a time or blow your whole house down.”

Guess who else is burning the script? Kossacks. Tim’s diary there hit the rec list with record speed and is now at the top of it. The fuse is lit.

Also: Anastasia revises and extends Anthony’s remarks. Good stuff ODB!

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