In a live-chat post titled “Live Blogging the Rush to Pass a Tax Increase Before Christmas,”  Matt Naugle proves that he doesn’t buy Kasich’s Virginia-based astroturfing blogger John Keeling, a.ka. MC Pizzasauce’s spin that today’s budget deal is glorious news for John Kasich and the GOP.

Matt Naugle, who was so pissed at the Senate GOP’s leadership for reaching this deal, he decided he needed to physically be present in the Senate so they’d vote this deal through in front of him (as opposed to just merely watching it online) mixes no words:


should i be shocked that a senate with an overwhelming majority of R’s allowed our taxes to be increased? what the heck. why did they cave? couldn’t take the pressure from editorial pages?

Thursday December 17, 2009 5:59 lakecountyoh

6:00  lakecountyoh: 

no backbone. no morals. no idealogy


I’m not sure. A number of reasons are at play. But tonight is a big win for Gov. Strickland.


i can’t beleive that taxn’ ted was given this pass. there should have been a showdown. let ohio gov’t shut down. make taxn’ ted sleep in his bed next to the video lottery ternminals.


shut down would be a good thing.

Jon Husted’s entirely GOP Secretary of State’s races is jeopardized by what would otherwise be considered nominal opposition except for conservatives like Naugle who are still furious with Husted for passing (and voting for) the Governor’s first budget.  Looks like their nearly uniformed opposition to this latest budget hasn’t endeared the GOP legislative caucus with Naugle any better.

Then again, look who we’re talking about:

After all, this is the same guy who released a video the day after the election using a golf club to club former Republican Governor Bob Taft in effigy.

As they say… developing….