So Jim Traficant held a press conference today. ?Yippee. ?And he’s circulating petitions to decide, based on the “response”, what Congressional district to run in, either Tim Ryan’s 17th, or Charlie Wilson’s 6th, and on which party ticket.

Newsflash to the brainless media. ?It takes 50 signatures to run in a primary for Congress, you might wanna report that in your stories. ?That means it takes Jim Traficant about one day to gauge whatever “response” he’s gonna get. ?Running for US Senate requires 1,000 signatures from across the state, which Jim Traficant cannot get in his dreams. ?Which means this is nothing more than Jim Traficant whoring to the media, who are all too happy to play along.

Here’s what’s gonna happen. ?Jim’s gonna make noise about running against Charlie Wilson in the Dem primary, not file, then run as an indy in the fall. ?Why? ?Because as insane as Traficant may appear, he’s no fool. ?If he runs against Tim Ryan, who gets re-elected with 75% of the vote, every time, Traficant will be destroyed. ?The last time Traficant was on the ballot, in fall 2002, Tim Ryan crushed both him and the Republican. ?Traficant got 15% of that vote. ?Another result like that, and Traficant?turns into a local pariah, which kinda ruins the whole local hero of the downtrodden, thingy.

So Charlie Wilson, better fasten your Blue Dog seat belt for one hell of a ride. ?But honestly, you’ve got nothing to worry about. ?This is all about Jim’s media ego, he won’t actually try to get votes.

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