Apparently, former Kasich staffer, current Kasich campaign astroturf VA-resident blogger DJ Tablesauce didn’t get the memo from Kyle Sisk.

After the Senate GOP essentially gave Strickland everything he wanted in a brilliant display of their completely and utter lack of ability of GOP to govern, Kasich’s blogger proclaims this is great news… for John McCain John Kasich:

Republicans gave in a bit and scaled back their request for construction law reform, despite Strickland voicing support for it months ago.

Finally, Republicans made a whole lot of teachers happy when they got the Democrats to agree to delay their totally infeasible all-day kindergarten proposal.

So let it be known that on December 17th, 323 days after Governor Strickland first introduced his biennial budget in the State of the State speech, Ohio finally has a budget.

Governor Strickland, you’ve clearly lost control of your state.
Imagine the time wasted. Under his leadership, this process took nearly five months later than normal.

Ohio needs a leader. Ohio needs John Kasich.

Couple of things.? First, Strickland passed the budget in June.? This was a budget correction bill, which is not unusual as just about every State budget has required such a correction for one reason or another.

Second, Republicans didn’t give a bit; they totally surrendered.? Also, Strickland didn’t just voice support for construction reform, it was HIS IDEA.

Third, the Republicans didn’t get the Democrats to agree to scrap all-day kindergarten, and I don’t know a single teacher who opposes it, either.

Fourth, if you’re going to criticize Strickland’s handling of the budget, don’t do in order to promote a candidate who, in his last government job, was so inept in getting a budget pass that he caused the federal government to shut down for the longest time in U.S. history because the federal government hadn’t been appropriated any money yet to pay its bills.