This interview with the National Journal is not the kind of interview you give if you plan to leave a US Senate primary. ?It’s the kind you give when you’re about to put the brass knuckles on. ?How about a blow by blow?

The DSCC has all but written her off, however, and the establishment has turned to Fisher. In fact, Brunner said when she spoke with DSCC Chair Bob Menendez in Sept., he first told her that he “didn’t want to see a Democratic candidate at the end of the primary with zero dollars,” and he followed up that his organization would go into the state to work against a candidate perceived as “being negative in the primary or not raising enough money.”

Brunner said she responded: “If you do that, the women of Ohio will never forgive you.” Menendez, she said, retorted: “I know you’re not scared of me, and I’m not scared of you.”

Hey Bob. ?You’re an idiot. ?If you did the slightest bit of research on this state, you’d know that it doesn’t matter how much money Lee Fisher will have, either at the beginning of this primary, or the end. ?He will lose. ?I had a similar experience with the DCCC, the DSCC’s House counterpart, pulling this horseshit in Tim Ryan’s 2002 primary. ?They jumped in at the end with money for Tom Sawyer. ?That money was flushed down the toilet. ?So take your hubris, Mr. Menendez, and stick it up your ass.

The Buckeye State, Brunner noted, is expected to lose 2 congressional districts after the ’10 Census, and she said each party can expect to shed one. For that reason, Brunner said that when she met with Space, he “admitted his endorsement of Fisher had to do with the governor’s potential role in determining which districts would be eliminated after the census.”

Update: Space’s office denies the charge.

Yeah, right. ?It rings totally true that Zack Space would game this primary precisely in this manner, for precisely this reason. ?And here’s a little news flash for ya, Zack – the guv ain’t all that hot on Lee Fisher anyway. ?So it looks to me like you just shit your own bed. ?Dumbass. ?Next!

And though Rep. Marcia Fudge (D) is neutral in the primary, Brunner said Fudge told her that she would make a better candidate than Fisher.

This also rings true. ?Marcia Fudge is precisely the place you’d find residual resentment in the black community against Lee, Ted, Redfern, et al. ?Bob Menendez would know this if he did his homework, instead of waggin’ his dick around in a meeting trying to scare people out of a primary. ?But I guess waggin’ your dick around is more fun!

And of course, the PD provides high comedy relief, calls wahmbulance, whines.

Jennifer Brunner came to Washington on Wednesday and uttered?things that the Ohio media only wishes she’d said to them. But sorry, Buckeyes, Ohio’s secretary of state?saved her dish for National Journal’s Hotline, which has about the same penetration in Ohio?as, say, the Bakersfield Californian.

Hey Koff, maybe if your paper hadn’t had Mark Naymik swallow whole an entire dossier of factually inaccurate, illegally leaked, opposition research from the Fisher campaign, Jennifer Brunner might talk to you. ?So eat it. ?As for penetration, Jennifer’s been talking to media in Ohio plenty, just not you. ?Like, say, us. ?As Potts notes, the interview encapsulates the entire coming campaign.

She?s candid and very direct, while Lee Fisher makes me think he consults with a PR team even on things like how best to tie his shoes.

This thing is so on.

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