Anyone catch Monday morning’s “First Read” post on MSNBC’s website?:

OHIO: Secretary of State and Senate candidate Jennifer Brunner, who penned a Huffington Post op-ed against President Obama?s troop surge in Afghanistan last month, was asked by progressive Ohio blogger Tim Russo whether she would vote against additional funding for the war. ?The last thing I would ever do would be to short the troops the supplies and equipment they need to be safe and successful,? Brunner answered.

Yes, Jennifer Brunner’s Senate campaign is such a hopeless cause that MSNBC’s taking notice of what she’s saying about Afghan policy.

(BTW, Columbus Dispatch, we know that you tried to get an interview with Brunner about Afghanistan and were informed to tune into our interview.  And yet, you still get scooped on the coverage by MSNBC?!?)

This while Joel Hallett has been busy trying to get Governor Strickland to go on the record regarding documented race-baiting blogger Kyle Sisk’s entirely fabricated rumor that Strickland has been hiding his Parkinson’s Disease which, Sisk admits, was inspired by The West Wing.

Hallett treats unsubstantially tabloid trash from a partisan hack like Kyle Sisk who admits that he has no real evidence and is playing out a plot line from a fictional television show, but cannot be bothered to report on a major party’s Senate candidate’s comments on an ongoing war effort in Afghanistan during a major policy crossroads moment.

And people wonder why newspapers are dying?

P.S.-  Nobody reads blogs.