Nothing since JUNE?? Did the official Ohio GOP blogger get fired?? There’s a 3 month blogging rule.? If you are dormant for 3 months you have to quit.? Of course, they weren’t very relevant even when they were blogging.? Anonymously I might add.? Just shut it down guys.? It was once a month or so anyway even when you did have something to say.? It’s clear they don’t care much about it.? They don’t even link it from their main site.? Makes this page look silly too.

ODP is a bit livelier, but going on a month with nothing new.? At least they are not nameless and faceless.? Seth and Sarah (and sometimes Todd) at least own their posts.

Maybe they should outsource to one of many sycophants out there who would be more than willing to ghost write.? Or are they already at their own blogs?? Heh.

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