This is the most rambling, incoherent babbling I’ve ever seen in a blog post.

Here’s the shorthand version:

If Governor Strickland forces the Senate GOP to stay in session over the holidays to get them to fulfill their constitutional duty to pass a balanced budget, then there will be a popular uprising against him for stealing Christmas from do-nothing politicians.

Seriously, that’s it.  That if the Senate GOP is forced to stay in session over Christmas, Senate President Bill Harris is going to visited in the General Assembly by the Ghost of Christmas past and…

The Senate GOP has nobody to blame but themselves.  They were the ones who made the political calculation that the longer they twiddled their thumbs, the better off their party would be politically.  Now, they’ve put the State in a position where they’ve got to get something passed before the end of the year.

Now, after promising that the two-months they said they needed to “study” the issue leaves them with no solution that doesn’t rely on the unanimous support of the tiny Democratic Senate caucus, Kyle Sisk cannot believe that the Governor would not reward the Senate’s delay and failure by letting them go on their second vacation while they were supposed to be passing something to resolve the budget.

Sisk thinks this is going to spread like wildfire, but only as much as a wildfire can spread through an astroturf campaign and by partisans who want to use, as their rallying cry, the blight of the poor mistreated, politicians… good luck getting the tea party folks jazzed to come out to support politicians who’d rather go home than pass a balanced budget, Kyle.

What this tells me is that conservatives like Kyle are having a fit because they cannot believe how effectively Strickland has turned the table, and public sentiment regarding the budget, against the Republicans.

People may like Christmas, but they don’t like do-nothing politicians.  They do like balanced budgets.  Guess which side of the equation the Senate GOP and Ted Strickland are on those issues.  Everyone else will have Christmas, just not the state legislature that has failed in its constitutional obligation to appropriate a balanced budget.

Ted Strickland will still go to Christmas services, so will anyone in the General Assembly who wishes.  Hell, they can hold it there given that every session starts with a benediction by clergy.

You can’t even BLAME Ted Strickland if they stay in session as the entire situation is because the Senate GOP cannot promise more than five votes for a balanced budget… out of over 20!

Of course, Sisk apparently doesn’t know the details of the budget situation very well:

Hopefully the Senate stands their ground and construction & sentencing reform is the avenue taken and not increasing taxes on already overtaxed Ohioans.

Um, Kyle, nobody is considering increasing taxes, but if you’re referring to the tax freeze, then…. well, how do I tell you this?  The Senate GOP’s deal is to have the construction reform (Strickland’s idea), sentencing reform (Strickland’s idea), and the tax freeze (Strickland’s idea).  The stumbling block is over the House’s opposition to implementing immediately the construction reform.

Regardless, the thing you’re praying the Senate GOP stands their ground on… it’s the ground of policies initially introduced by Ted Strickland.  The Senate GOP has no ground of their own.

Merry Christmas!

(P.S.-  If a special session does take place in Christmas, Tim, Eric, and I will send some Christmas cookies and milk to the Senate GOP to buck their spirits.  Anyone else want to help?  I might even get the family in the car and hand deliver them.  We could all carol them!)