Just posted this diary at Kos.

I’m trying to follow the rules here, which say I’m not allowed to call out users by name in a diary title. ?So I didn’t.

But I’m getting sick and tired of Cenk Uygur wandering along every time something happens in a media cycle that gives him the opportunity to poke Barack Obama like some RedState neanderthal having a Tourette’s moment.

And that includes gratuitously calling in to the BBC’s World Have Your Say program, broadcast on NPR, on the one-year anniversary of Barack Obama’s election, while I was on the air, in studio, from WCPN in Cleveland, the only guest defending Barack Obama against the absurd BBC chosen title of the program “Has Barack Obama Let Down His Supporters?”, thank you BBC for your objectivity.

Who pops in as a caller? ?Among the entire nation of potential callers? ? No WAIT the entire GLOBE, yes the WHOLE WORLD can call in to that program and get on the air, yes, EVERY PERSON ON EARTH. ?Who calls in? ?Cenk Uygur, doing precisely the same thing he’s doing here, repeatedly, over and over.

Now, a lot of folks in this community think that Barack Obama has let down his supporters. ?In fact, on the BBC program that day, I was the only person defending Barack Obama. ?Cenk Uygur didn’t need to call in and pile on. ?But he did. ?Sounds like a business plan to me. ?Or RedState.

And I’m damn tired of it.

I’m just as disappointed in this health care reform situation as anyone. ?But I WILL NOT take this as an opportunity to smack around Barack Obama, for any reason. ?I look at this disappointment as an opportunity to re-commit to working harder to change this country, as I’m quite certain Barack is doing this moment.

That’s why we elected him. ?Not to give us all we want, not to be our personal punching bag whenever we see an opportunity to land one on his jaw, but to bust his ass for us. ?That’s what he’s doing.

Stuff it, Cenk.

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