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John Kasich is a Dick #145

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Sure, he’s not throwing hot cups of coffee at his campaign manager, but his dickishness certainly comes through in this ‘interview’…

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This is the most rambling, incoherent babbling I’ve ever seen in a blog post.

Here’s the shorthand version:

If Governor Strickland forces the Senate GOP to stay in session over the holidays to get them to fulfill their constitutional duty to pass a balanced budget, then there will be a popular uprising against him for stealing Christmas from do-nothing politicians.

Seriously, that’s it.  That if the Senate GOP is forced to stay in session over Christmas, Senate President Bill Harris is going to visited in the General Assembly by the Ghost of Christmas past and…


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Anyone catch Monday morning’s “First Read” post on MSNBC’s website?:

OHIO: Secretary of State and Senate candidate Jennifer Brunner, who penned a Huffington Post op-ed against President Obama?s troop surge in Afghanistan last month, was asked by progressive Ohio blogger Tim Russo whether she would vote against additional funding for the war. ?The last thing I would ever do would be to short the troops the supplies and equipment they need to be safe and successful,? Brunner answered.

Yes, Jennifer Brunner’s Senate campaign is such a hopeless cause that MSNBC’s taking notice of what she’s saying […]

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PB Late Night Theatre: Techno Jeep

On December 16, 2009 By

What happens when you combine a Jeep, 8 techno geeks, some microphones, and a mixer?

Check it:

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Why is Jon Husted waging War on Christmas? First he gets busted using the corporate jets of lobbyists to jet off family and friends on fishing trips and bowl games. Then he can’t remember where the hell it is he actually lives. Now he’s waging War on Christmas?

Happy Holidays??? warmth and joy of the HOLIDAY season???

WTF Jon. You a commie? Peace and love???

Are you serious Jon? Jesus. Hah. Yes. JESUS. You don’t mention Jesus at all and only a passing reference to his father. Pagan trees and wrapped gifts. No mention of CHRISTMAS. No […]

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Jeff Hess has some choice words for Walmart:

As a former member of our military, this revelation concerning Walmart pisses me off. Remember that snow-in-Iraq TV ad Walmart ran recently? Well the real story is that Walmart is sticking it to service members and their families if a holiday gift is shipped to an Army Post Office address.

He links to a piece in Stars and Stripes that talks about retailers gouging customers by tacking on inflated shipping costs to ship to an APO (Army Post Office), or overseas military address. Curiously enough, Walmart was the most […]

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Cenk Uygur can kiss my ass

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Just posted this diary at Kos.

I’m trying to follow the rules here, which say I’m not allowed to call out users by name in a diary title. ?So I didn’t.

But I’m getting sick and tired of Cenk Uygur wandering along every time something happens in a media cycle that gives him the opportunity to poke Barack Obama like some RedState neanderthal having a Tourette’s moment.

And that includes gratuitously calling in to the BBC’s World […]

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Run Russo Run!

On December 16, 2009 By

Should Tim Russo run for Cuyahoga County Council District 7?

The verdict is in:

Join the Facebook Group

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Isn’t Christmas About Sharing?

On December 16, 2009 By

A few days ago Rep. Henry E. Brown from SC introduced a bill to “protect the sanctity of Christmas.”

The resolution (H. Res. 952) calls for “the symbols and traditions of Christmas” to be “protected for use by those who celebrate Christmas.”

Strange bill, right? I’m left wondering: Which symbols? Protected from whom?

Are tinsel-covered fir trees somehow being misused by non-Christians? Will the Christmas police be unplugging my holiday lights after discovering that my believething is somewhat wishy washy when it comes to the whole only begotten son business?

I promise you little baby Jesus didn’t wake […]

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Ohio GOP Blogger Get Fired?

On December 16, 2009 By

Nothing since JUNE?? Did the official Ohio GOP blogger get fired?? There’s a 3 month blogging rule.? If you are dormant for 3 months you have to quit.? Of course, they weren’t very relevant even when they were blogging.? Anonymously I might add.? Just shut it down guys.? It was once a month or so anyway even when you did have something to say.? It’s clear they don’t care much about it.? They don’t even link it from their main site.? Makes this page look silly too.

ODP is a bit livelier, but going on a […]

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Good question.

Why doesn’t Lee run for the Ohio Supreme Court? The Chief Justice position is empty. Maureen O’Connor is tough, but beatable. If he doesn’t like the top spot, he can run for one of the other two that are on the ballot. I think his name recognition could get him support and a win.

Democrats have endlessly whined about a lack of strong SCt candidates. ?The court is packed with wingnuts, finding in favor or corporate robber barons as a matter of conservative canon. ?They stunt this state’s progress, they have inordinate power, and they need to […]

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