I was wondering this myself!

Second, Marilyn Brown may have cured every Franklin resident of cancer for all I care, but the way she caved and cleared the field for Garrison (when Garrison had not exactly showed the monolithic support you claimed) was crappy, especially after she’d gotten a large number of state legislators to endorse her over their own House Majority Floor Leader.

Seems Marilyn Brown’s endorsers showed more courage than Marilyn Brown. ?Shocking! ?I’d like to know what Marilyn Brown is doing with the money she raised to run for SOS. ?Is she giving it back? ?Or is she going to use it to feather her own nest for some other future run? ?Because the people who gave Marilyn Brown money did not give it to Marilyn Brown for Marilyn Brown. ?They gave Marilyn Brown money because she was going to stop a gay baiting, anti-choice, anti-labor Sarah Palin from poisoning our entire statewide ticket.

And therein lies the solution to Jennifer Brunner’s fundraising. ?Donors are not going to burn themselves on a pyre of some candidate’s cowardly vacillating, especially not after watching a bunch of legislators sitting in the majority get burned by endorsing against their own majority floor leader, only to see their endorsed candidate drop out, thus putting their heads on a guillotine for Jennifer Garrison to chop off.

When Jennifer Brunner files, this dynamic will disappear.