Back to the tour de force.

Brunner cannot be attacked on unemployment BECAUSE she’s not been in a position that is directly responsible for jobs! That’s why she’s the better candidate for it. The attack of her for Ohio’s job losses falls flat because she hasn’t been in charge of the State’s economic development during the worst job loss since the Great Depression! It’s a punch that doesn’t land well when used on her. Whereas it’s Fisher’s glass jaw. When you have a choice between a candidate who is the personification of the worst issue for us electorally and one that is relatively immune from the criticism, which one do you choose?

This is why it’s in Ted Strickland’s interest that Lee not run for US Senate. ?Ted already has to endure a summer and fall of being attacked on the economy. ?If Lee stands in the way of a candidate, Jennifer Brunner, who will certainly beat him, and has a chance to win the Senate seat, Ted Strickland will have to endure a winter and spring of being attacked on the economy, too, via Lee Fisher’s screaming vulnerability on the issue in his losing primary.

Even if the economy gets better by the summer, it won’t be of any help to Ted, because Lee’s been getting hammered on this all winter and spring. ?The attacks will stick. ? It’s a special kind of irony that Lee’s double-dipping job hoarding is probably going to end his job….over the issue of jobs.

Here’s how Ted avoids getting swamped by Lee’s self-promoting careerism. ?If Lee isn’t on the primary ballot, no winter and spring of attacks on Ted’s economic record. ?That gives Ted another few months to hope that the economy improves, while the primary stays relatively free of attacks on Ted. ?Jennifer Brunner is the nominee, meaning precisely 50% fewer attacks on the economy in the fall than if Lee somehow made it to the general election.

All of that helps the entire Democratic ticket. ?Top to bottom. ?Maybe to placate Lee’s massive ego, you put him in the secretary of state slot, see if the constant loser can actually win something down ballot. ?You cashier the ticket poisoning Sarah Palin routine that is Jennifer Garrison, and bingo. ?Things look a whole lot better.

You know I’m right, Ted.